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tar brousing free download

Tor Browser Free Download Secretly to browse the Internet?

Most of the work on the Internet, may each of you. Web sites related to internet service providers to track your internet browsing are performing. where are you are, for surfing the internet browser you are using, as search, which are Web sites, looking for any content ..It would like to have every thing. In some areas, countries will have to ban certain types of web sites. .. They are not open to us, and no one tried to keep track of how not to use the Internet,There is a chance for us to open the desired Web sites. Tar browser as well. To learn about the features ..

What is Tor Browser?

Tor Browser Free Download

The identity of Internet users, in their area, in tracking their activity levels to protect creating to ‘Tor’ project. As part of the project creating Tor Browser. Firefox browser in accordance with the Tor project in March,Tar and was created by the development of the browser. It is to the user, the information is encrypted to the target destination and will be diverted through different routes. This encryption is also a time of many layers, rather like onion layers (layers) of data to be encrypted. Tar traveling through different servers .. Each layer of the encryption is removed at each server.The final layer of encryption to be removed before reaching the destination. Multiple layers of encryption, so it is the onion (onion) is the routing. Information from the user to the destination will be transported in the same manner.

* For example, in Hyderabad Tor browser you open a Web site. First, your request Tar browser, and what information is encrypted in different layers, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, by countries such as redirecting (routing is done). .. At the end of each of the encryption off in the middle of the open you make, the website will connect to the server.What you get out of these countries, the website someone the sake of a country. Internet Protocol (IP) address is also there. After some time, this will also change the routing. So you can keep track of your browsing is from.

* The main thing than anything, this encryption and routing within seconds all the more happening.

Who created Tor?

Tor circuit for brouser

Tor original name, “The Onion Router” project. The key “onion routing” system of American Naval Research Laboratory in the late 1990s, Paul employees, Michael jirid, David Gold slkag have been developed. US intelligence communications to keep in the safe, it was designed for those without permits to tracking. After that, the protection of personal information, on-line tracking resistance,Steals confidential information blocking, for safety, for the ‘tor’, has been developed. With the help of a worldwide network of almost 7 thousand volunteers will work with Tor network.

Its Totally free ..

Tor Forbid script globally

Tar is fully open source project, the process continues. Technology is known, involved in the development of someone who can help. Tor browser, network sharing is completely free. Donation can give it to someone to help in the management of networks.

The secret is not going to be done

Tar browser for personal consumption, to ensure the security of confidential information, tracking cumming was not to … it’s not going to be completely secret. Experts try to be accessed from anywhere, certainly not difficult to find. advanced surveillance systems, such as our browsing habits can be tracked easily.
Is slow ..
Tar browser is generally slow to some extent. .. Because the user is encrypted at the data in different servers around the world through the re-routing of the data to be encrypted .. and then delivered to the user in order to take some time, and more. Tor use the browser to work a bit more system resources. This is also a bit slow.

Change countries

Tar we have with the browser While browsing various countries and regions to decide what is likely to happen by routing also. For example, when we open a Web site, Switzerland, Finland and the US over the Tar .. We have to be connected to the network in the Netherlands,Germany, Sweden over the change in routing. Some of the countries through which the controls, Web sites, avoid them like the restrictions. It promotes the provision of technology professionals.

No installation is required ..

Tar browser to our computer / laptop is not necessary to install the. It works without the need for any kind of registry entries. Tar browser to download the installation file .. Where to install it on the computer asks you to do. In fact, it is not the installation ..Just as it is compressed to Pond all files X only. Select any folder on any drive, we were able to … Tar in the name of the browser to create a folder .. this files X Pond will be. Start Tor Browser Tor Browser, a short cut file inside the folder, with the rest of the files are in a folder.Double-click the shortcut file, the browser can be open through the tor, Tor will be connected to the network. After that it’s straight to the normal browser can be used in a similar fashion.The Tor Browser folder we pen drive, copying memory card .. the other computer / laptops in use. Just be aware that the computer is connected to a different folder, double-click the icon in the Tor browser, just have to be open.

Open but can be found on the website

location something in common, something the Internet Service Provider (ISBN P) within, ultimately have control over the Web sites of some types of in office anything. The pumps when they are connected to the Internet, download the data, who will continue to scan. Prohibited, if the controlled information .. block wrapped.Tor onion routing technology in the different layers of data will be encrypted so no one would realize that the information that goes through .. tor. Therefore, all the Web sites in the world, and can even open. Authentication, however, requires a lot of times.

Scripts, Flash content, care ..

Most of the scripts to run Web sites and Flash videos, and other multimedia content feature. The scripts of the web sites we see no issue, searching for name subjects about the location of our computer, attempt to keep track of details such as desktop resolution.For this reason, as the Tar Built-in scripts in the browser are blocked. Like many web sites, while blocking the scripts are not open properly. The content will also appear properly. When you open the respective web sites will be suspended to give an opportunity to run the scripts.

Android for mobiles ‘arbot (Orbot), R. Fox (Orfox)’ in the form ..

Along the lines of the computer in our mobile phone Anonymous (secret) contributed to browsing the Internet, “arbot, R. Fox ‘. In arbot or website (Orweb) will use the browser. Built-in web browser in Android as it has been developed based on. However, it is the browser, similar to the full range of computer Tor provided. But with a simple interface, easy to use, which allows.Fox used the source code in the browser, or with the help of the Tar designed. It is also based on the Firefox creating for. It is almost at the level of tor browser, provide accept. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Some difficulties .

Tar browser Facebook, google .. Authentication request, such as when certain web sites open. Among the countries in which we created because the accounts, which belong to the respective web sites of the details are at. Tar from the different countries, we have to open the Web sites, we tried to log into accounts ..What will be logged? The question of whether it comes. If the accounts can be vulnerable to hacking, or anyone else may have been intended to steal passwords ID Authentication, we will ask you regarding your account. By entering the correct details, the choice may be able to log into our IDs. Causing big problems, do not suffer.

Information on their respective web sites differ in some countries, the data provided. For this purpose, the web sites of the respective countries with different extensions (.com,, .cn, .sn) and the Web sites are maintained. For example, Google’s Web site will be a lot of countries as As India, as in England, Germany, is information in their respective countries, which are banned in other countries information also may be. hackers undetected similar to their known whereabouts. Some of the robots by the automation system, viruses also attempt to connect to the web sites. Specialized servers in another country by the different countries to connect to the web site will ask you to try .. Authentication.Or kyapica (Captcha) s filling, any goods, seek to recognize places. Puri them properly .. Connecting to the Web site.

Illegal use of tor?

Protection of personal information on the Internet, the IP address is not wrong to look after. Tar browser to use the law, not opsite. For sending confidential information, secrecy of correspondence used for a very long time for the Tor browser. In recent years, however, for purposes contrary to law, “the increased use of tarnu. In some places prohibit the use of tor,To control demand. But the most profitable Tar personal perspective. The sociopaths, use of illegal activities in the sense of being wrong .. hacking themselves. Modern technology, the technology may be detected easily.

Browsing habits change ..

None of us should keep track of the Internet, which means that we no one can know the details of our browsing habits change too much.
In full-screen browser window to change some of the less. When we see the browser in full-screen web sites because we know the details of the computer screen resolution. So do the tracking.From any Web sites as Word and Excel documents can be downloaded .. With the help of the tracking script to be run in the open if possible.
It would also be the location for the photos to download the details.
It’s nice to have an updated anti-virus to the computer. Because key loggers, rootkit, the software of the ad, such as a computer malware and the ..We are to keep track of information related to. We can type the letters on the keyboard, mouse movements, clicks recorded .. sending hackers. As a result, we will have the opportunity to leak personal information.

Enables you to whom?

You, your family, children, friends, relatives, such as their personal and confidential information to share with tor to help without any trouble. The information in the hands of others, would not be a problem.
Business, trade organizations enables tor to keep their information secret. Information from regional offices, secret reports, strategies such as out, in that no one may be sent to the track.Key, activists are working in troubled areas, spies, intelligence agencies, journalists, information was able to deflect suspicion from anyone to contribute to tor.
As the key strategic elements of the military forces, to share with them the secrets of the other regions, it is possible to transfer information with tor.

Protection of normal browsers ..

If Firefox and Chrome browsers, such as the private window, incognito are names such as private browsing options. Although the Internet can be used to some extent in order to avoid tracking. after that no browsing history, cookies, passwords, temporary files are being saved.But only up to a certain amount of privacy, which is guaranteed. u want a full range of privacy, tracking and better use of Tor browser.

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