Whatsapp For Pc

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Whatsapp For Pc

Whatsapp For Pc

Whatsapp founder is Jan Koum currently face book handover the Whatsapp officially joined in face book. It was released in 2009. Whatsapp supports in IOS, Android, windows phone 8, and windows 10 Mobile Symbian, BlackBerry, and Android Windows Phone 8 Mobiles. Whatsapp Messenger is popular software to receive and send messages immediately around the world at present it becomes popular and the option to download in only Smartphone’s but developers planned to implement this software in the pc also as a result business transactions will increase and necessary for all employers and working women who are working with pc. Officially Whatsapp is necessary for official and personal deals. Nowadays Whatsapp for PC is mandatory. Now we are sending a document through fax and email. Using Whatsapp we can receive and send all documents without any risk and the immediate transaction takes place around the world.

Main Features of Whatsapp App

Whatsapp main features are Instant message option, Browsing the internet; video calls, voice calls, text messages, sending photos, GIF, Videos, Documents, audio files, user location, phone contacts and voice notes. Users will send all photos and videos. We can update our status in status option and profile pictures in our profile. All the information should be in encrypted form. Data is 100 percent secure.

Instant Messenger:

Messenger sends and receives messages immediately in seconds from one to one person around the world.

whatsapp new version for Pc(Download Link)

Internet: smartphone has options of Mobile hotspot, Mobile data, Wi-Fi and other internet options we can use any option to our mobile and for PC data card, net connection through cable and other wireless net options we should use to browse internet browsers and search engines such as Google,Live.

Whatsapp Video and Audio call:

video and audio calls in Whatsapp free of cost.

Whatsapp Audio and video files:

We can send Audio and video files through Whatsapp without any charge.

Whatsapp User Location:

We can identify user location with location tracker as well as with Whatsapp through message instantly. Here location trackers display the user location through map and area name. Through Whatsapp user only send the message his/her location but we can get info in seconds.

Whatsapp Images:

User can change and updates their occasional photos in their status and profile.

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