Top Three Antivirus Download for Pc, Mobile

Top Three Antivirus Download for Pc, Mobile

Top Three Antivirus Download for Pc, MobileTop Three Antivirus Download for Pc, Mobile

Download Quick heal total security 2017 one of the main features of the Quick heal total security 2017 is that it provides security against ransomware. Its ransomware tools are more powerful than most of the anti ransomware tools. It follows signature based detection. It detects all the known ransomware which tries to destroy your system through infected emails , USB ports and through network. It also checks for new ransomware that infiltrates your system. It analyzes the program behavior in real time. Thus it stops the virus or malware from causing any damage. Another major feature is that it has an inbuilt data backup and restore tool. It also provides safe banking by protecting the financial information of your online transactions. It automatically blocks the best websites which are harmful. Emails which are carrying infected attachments or designed for phishing attacks are blocked. It avoids data-stealing programs such as keyloggers from recording the data typed on your keyboard. It does not allow unauthorized data copying. Parental control helps in ensuring that children stay away from inappropriate websites. It also helps your pc in performing in a better way for multitasking and power hungry tasks.

Download Links:-  Download Quick Heal Total Security 2017

CCleaner professional Free Download

This is a 4-in-1 product that includes all professional versions of ccleaner, Defraggler, Recuva and speccy. CCleaner comes with automatic updates. Due to automatic updating the detection of real-time malware becomes easy. The malwares change their code in course of time. So updating the antivirus regularly is essential. All the technology used by CCleaner is patented . With this one can have full control of the system and it runs faster and more securely with less crashes.
It also provides detailed statistics on every hardware part. It recovers any lost files which are lost due to malware attack. CCleaner professional has system and browser monitoring feature which allows you to run the antivirus check in the background thus keeping your system optimized. The monitoring feature helps in clean the browsing history ,cookies, temporary files which helps in optimizing the system. If privacy is your main priority, CCleaner is useful since it cleans your browsing history when your net browser is closed. CCleaner professional has a feature of running the system check in the background for every X hours which you set up. This system check up runs without troubling your work.

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Download Free NORTON Antivirus 2017

NORTON Antivirus uses six patented layers of protection. This six layers of protection helps in quick and accurate detection and removal of malware. Norton antivirus has Proactive Exploit Protection which helps in protecting window devices from attacks that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in windows or in OS itself. Emulator runs the suspicious files in an isolated environment and checks the behavior of the file. There is cloud based controls in NORTON Antivirus. This feature helps in updating of new features without much complication. Intelligence-driven Norton Insight technology targets only those files at risk for faster, fewer, shorter scans. There is silent mode feature which blocks the alerts, updates, like movies, stickers, and advertisements. SONAR Behavioral Protection monitors your computer for suspicious behavior to quickly detect new attacks, crime ware, and other threats.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool to create an emergency DVD/USB that gets you back up and running when your computer is infected. You can use it even if your computer has become so infected that it won’t work properly or even boot up. There is free tech support which can be reached through phone, email and chat. Some of the antivirus software`s slow down the systems. Limited detection techniques is the main disadvantage of any antivirus. If a new virus attacks antivirus fails to identify it unless upgraded by the company.

Download Link: Download Free NORTON Antivirus 2017

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