Quick heal Total Security Antivirus 2017-18 Free Download

Quick heal total security antivirus 2017-18 Free Download

quick heal total security 2017-18 antivirus free download

Quick heal total security 2017-18 antivirus free download is one of the antivirus software it will give protection the entire system either in software and hardware. Installation of antivirus is essential to protect our system in all aspects. Without antivirus we cannot run the system. Antivirus protects our system in many ways like Malware, Ransom ware, Exploit, PUA and Adware. Quick heal supports to install on Windows xp, Windows vista, windows 7 and NetWare and all latest versions of platforms. It helps to separate the infected and suspicious files. Cleans all files, software and USB drives perfectly and detects the virus of affected files. For internet users quick heal protects the entire protection.

After installation of quick heal automatically detects all registry files and updates all the software automatically. Self protection protects product’s installation files, folders, services, processes and settings. Password protection prevents illegal access to product settings. Quick heal protects email, virus, scan scheduler, behaviour detection, quick update, memory scan, phishing protection Registry Restore, Boot time scanner. Anti malware scan, Firewall Protection IDS/IPS. Browsing. Vulnerability scanning, safe banking and Anti-Key logger. It gives a complete protection to your PCs, Laptops, Mac, & Smartphone’s with Real-time Security against Internet attacks. Virus attacks can spoil your system in software and hardware. Let us know about Quick heal protectors malware is a short form of malicious software it contains computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses spyware.

Ransom ware is malicious software used by hi-tech criminals that encrypt the data to kidnap the person for demanding the money. PUA means potentially unwanted Application It tracks the users data and collects their personal information and modifies browser settings like main page and default search engines. It identifies and removes unwanted downloader. Adware is used to display ads and popup windows while running the system through net. Any how quick heal total security 2017 version is successfully running in major companies and every net user is installing compulsory to protect their computer and internet attacks. It detects millions of virus attacks and keeps our system safe. Quick heal trail version and three months security software and one year warranted software’s are available in the market.

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