Download Best Antivirus 2017

Download Best Antivirus 2017

Download Best Antivirus 2017

Anti virus Software used for detecting and removing a virus or malware is known as an Anti-virus. It is often abbreviated as AV. Initially antivirus is used to detect virus in computers. Later it was upgraded to detect and remove Trojan horses, backdoors, key loggers, etc. Some antivirus software’s are support protection from other computer threats. The first computer virus was dated back in the1971, though its rooted was way back in the year 1949. Hungarian scientist john Von Neumann published an article “Theory of self-reproducing automata”. The first virus is named as “Creeper Virus”. Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC) PDP-10 mainframe computers which were running on TENTEX operating system were affected by the virus.

Best Antivirus 2017 The first antivirus is dated back to 1980’s even though the first antivirus was released in 1970’s. Since the antivirus was itself a virus which crushes down another virus. In the later years many antivirus companies were established like panda security in Spain. It was only in the year 2000 an open source antivirus engine was developed in the name ”open antivirus project”.s When a virus attacks your system it hangs up, data may be erased, system may crash and all your data is lost. There are some criminal minded people who are good at program. They do not have any ethics. They use their professional knowledge to create a malware programs, which destroy your important data when they attack your system. These virus are send to the system using email as an extension. Sometimes they may hack your system and your private data may be robbed from your system. These people are known as hackers. These stolen data may be given to others or they may be blackmailed for money. Even the search engines like Google is using a antivirus check in the email attachments when uploaded. Antivirus is not an individual problem. There are many nations which faced an malware attack know as Ransomware attack.

They used a software named as Wanna cry. It effected as many as 150 nations around the world with an approximately infecting 230,000 computers. This systems include national agencies, hospitals and Banks etc. Even now there is no perfect anti software for detecting all the possible faults. There are many anti-viruses developed in the recent years. Every year many new features are added in the coming year along with the advent of the new technologies. There are many companies developing antivirus software’s in the market . Some of the companies are Kaspersky , AVG, Norton , Quickheal etc.Let’s see the features of the some of the best Antivirus in the market.

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