How to Turn Off Facebook Autoplay Videos Function

How to Turn Off Facebook Autoplay Videos

Thinking of how to turn off Facebook autoplay video feature which is a bit annoying update from Facebook. It sometimes makes you feel worst when you simply look at notifications. If you have been searching on the web that how do I disable the video autoplay or how can I disable autoplay of videos in your FB account.

Facebook video autoplay feature doesn’t look well when we want to speedily check self updates from our dearest friends and family members when we have low internet speed as it first try to load the videos from shared or liked from any of subscribed pages, groups and other following communities. If you have no problem with FB autopaly videos that means you many feel audio.

To stop Facebook autoplay video it is very simple and easy just login to your Facebook Account with proper email and Password.After that navigate to FB top right corner where you will view a drop download arrow click on it

Go to Settings >> Click on It

how to turn off facebook autoplay videos


After that you’re prompted to view left Sidebar

There choose Videos and Click on it

how to stop facebook autoplay videos


Next Screen you are asked to choose Turn auto-play videos OFF or ON feature select OFF

how to turn off fb auto play in mobile


That’s it you have successfully setup FB auto-play video off mode. You can experience speedy Facebook performance on your Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

If you’re not sure about how to disable Facebook autoplay video function you can follow the step by step guide to temporarily turn off the autoplay video feature in Facebook.


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